Eliza  (student)
“Working with Jennifer helped me tremendously in finding my path for college. She assisted in the application process and decision making that was very helpful. With her help I was able to find the right places for me and what the path I wanted to take was.”

Todd (student)
“You really did help make the changeling parts seem easy and really laid everything out for me to see what has to be done by a certain point and how it should be done. In my case, when it seemed like there was no hope and things were falling apart you really brought me back to the place I wanted to be and I couldn’t thank you more for that.”

Shari (parent)
“Jennifer was amazing in the college process. She helped keep my son organized and on his toes. They bonded immediately and he felt comfortable discussing all his concerns with her. She was always available for me and my son.  Thank you Jennifer for reducing my stress level!”

Jesse (student)
“Jennifer’s help was tremendous in leading me through the application process. I never once felt that I was alone, which encouraged me to apply confidently, and get into all my top choices.”

Kerin (parent)
“Jennifer Soodek was such a great help in helping my son find the perfect college. She walked him through the entire application process and kept him on track with writing the essays, interviewing at the colleges, and staying on schedule with all that needs to be done.”

Jackie (parent)
“The college application process can be very daunting for the first time!! Jennifer Soodek took all our fears away. She calmly took us through the process from start to finish for both me and my Daughter. Jennifer was so helpful in finding the right schools to meet our child’s needs, and apply to. She helped (Erin) with a timeline for deadlines, and a homework assignment  for the next meeting. That alleviated all the stress of too much work at one time. Applications were done professionally and in a timely matter. She has been accepted in many of her choices and now time to make a decision…thanks to Jennifer!”

Cathy (parent)
“Working with Jen took all the stress out of the application process !  Our son needed to create a portfolio of all his theater performances and wasn’t sure how to go about it. Jen figured it out and our son got accepted to his first choice!”

Gigi (parent)
“My second daughter was embarking on the college application process and it came at a time in my life when I could not help her as fully as I wanted to, nor did I want to go through the stress and arguing (I bet almost every parent will agree) that I had with my first daughter.  We were receiving very little help from her high school guidance counselor, and this college search was going to be more complicated because she was applying as a theater major, which involves many more steps and requirements.  I knew if Hunter worked with a professional the process would be smoother, quicker and more effective and, more than anything I wanted her to take responsibility for this process.  From our very first meeting, I knew Jennifer was going to be perfect for us.  She had prepared a list of colleges  for Hunter to begin looking at, told us specifically what the process would be and even had  mapped out schools to help plan college visits.  Her one-on-one meetings with Hunter were very productive. Together they completed her essays,  applications/ supplements and kept Hunter on task and on time for every deadline.  She even made phone calls to colleges on our behalf to verify information and deadlines.  I was amazed at how seamless the process was and how it truly kept the peace at home.  But more than that, Jennifer had a calming affect on Hunter during a very stressful time.   They connected on a personal level which allowed Jennifer to see who Hunter was and what she could offer various colleges and vice versa.  Hunter enjoyed every meeting with Jennifer and as we all know, if our kids are happy, we are happy.  But I truly enjoyed Jennifer as well, it’s nice to work with someone who is real, kind and honest.  We all want the best college outcome for our kids and so does she.  She celebrated each and every acceptance that Hunter received.   I can’t say enough about Jennifer, she is professional, knowledgeable and so easy to work with.   It was a very pleasurable experience and I was so relieved that I didn’t have to do all the grunt work!

From a true fan!”

Sharon McSpedon
Owner at The Pilates barre

“Jennifer is a knowledgeable and compassionate resource when it comes to guiding people on the right path to success. Her track record in regard to helping families with college preparation is impressive. I would highly recommend her to those trying to pinpoint the right vocation, anyone considering a career change and certainly to high school students who are facing the arduous task of applying to colleges.”

Betsy Bell
Educational Consulting at Acorn Educational Consulting

“Jennifer is a college consultant with a heart. She is able to devote ample time and energy to her students and parents during the college research and application process. Jennifer is detailed oriented in checking over each application personally before it is sent and has a wonderful ability to put her students and parents at ease with her calm demeanor. Jennifer closely monitors her students to insure they will complete their college research and applications on time. She has a great depth of knowledge in college counseling as well as in career counseling. She will work closely with students to provide a college list which will meet their interests and requirements.”

“If you are looking for a college consultant with a personal touch and a heart, Jennifer is the ideal college consultant for you. I highly recommend her.”

Hilary Burns
Business Development, Recruiter, Team Expansion

“Jennifer is excellent at what she does. She related to my son, understood him, knew the right questions to ask, motivated him to finish the tasks she assigned him, and was instrumental in helping us during this very overwhelming time.”

“She is very knowledgable. She understands the process, when to do what, and how best to do it. I would recommend her highly to anyone with a child who is planning to go to college.”

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